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Updated information about the ODA Network you will find on our new homepage odanettverk.no

Oda Network is the leading meeting place for women working in IT or in the IT industry in the Nordics. The network consists of enthusiastic volunteers who facilitate networking, mentoring and professional expertise with the overall goal to increase the proportion of women working in IT. Our network will help support, promote and inspire women in sales, technical and managerial positions. The network is run on a voluntary basis and with the support of our leading industry partners.

During the year, we have several exciting activities that are worth checking out, including:

• Networking meet-ups/meetings - arranged approximately once a month. This is the place to refresh your skills, listen to inspirational speeches, socialize with colleagues in the industry, and to make professional contacts.

• Inspiration Day - a real boost! The Inspiration Day is our annual event where get together for a whole day with inspirational and educational lecturers from relevant speakers. We end the day with pleasant mingling, good food and drinks.

Oda Network is currently based out of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim in Norway. 

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Oda-Nettverk er Nordens ledende møteplass for kvinner som jobber med IT eller i IT-bransjen.

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